Joe Moussa


I’ll probably only be updating this when I have a big life event happening.

Job / Career

Speaking of life events, I got a new job! As of yesterday I am no longer with Genomic Prediction and starting Monday, I will be a software engineer at The Walt Disney Company in New York. Lots of exciting things happening, figuring out the commute and how this effects my routine and budget is the first major thing on my mind, though. I’ll also be learning a lot more relevant skills at Disney as it’ll be structured and focused on software more than bioinformatics. At least, these are my first impressions, only time will tell. I’m also working to learn more technologies like Apache Kafka, and more Python and Java based technologies. My learning is kind of all over the place now, since I have a solid foundation, it’s just a matter of what is the most useful tool for the task, and that’ll be what I start picking up.

Personal Life

My personal life has kind of been stagnant with all the action really happening with my job and figuring out the transition. For the most part everything is the same, I re-did my budget to account for the new compensation I’ll be getting as well as looking into what my options are after my lease ends.

I think for the most part I will move back home for a couple months after the lease is up and if no one wants to renew. Then around the end of summer if everything is going smoothly at Disney, I will start looking at housing upstate or even in New York. I did the math and the commute is roughly 1.5 hours one way, and more importantly it’s costing around $7,000 per year, so the more I can cut that down, the better.

I’m also looking in to a used sportbike, I miss having one. I figure I could use the Triumph for long relaxing rides and the sportbike for short little ones. It’s kind of crazy the idea that I might own 2 bikes, I don’t think I ever would’ve even thought about doing this 3 years ago, but I guess that’s just part of the addiction.

Some projects I’ve been working on:

  • Consulting for a very early stage startup in the Veterinary Tech space
  • Pick up Apache Kafka and learn how to integrate that
  • The ticket tracking app has now migrated to a kind of toolkit that I could use. I’ve also switched to a Python backend other than Java and still keeping React+Redux on the front-end.

Travel Destinations:

  • San Diego / SoCal
  • San Francisco
  • Colorado
  • Montreal
  • Iceland
  • England
  • Ohio (for WGI championships, also want to try a long motorcycle trip)

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