Joe Moussa


It has been a while I must admit. 2019 has been quite the ride for me from a personal and professional view as well. So much to talk about.

Job / Career

This is probably the biggest life change but it doesn’t seem like that now since it happened so long ago. As of February I left my position as a Salesforce Developer at Internet Creations and went on to work at my current company, Genomic Prediction. It was a good change since I didn’t like the consulting scene and wasn’t particularly fond of Salesforce development. I am happily employed as a software developer (specifically backend developer) and I get to work on a completely new tech stack (Node.js, Express, MySQL, Python, Docker, AWS). So since I am one of few developers in this company I’ve had to invest more into my personal learning which I love, and I’ve had to take on more responsibilities when it came to DevOps. I’m still getting the hang of this whole DevOps thing but I’m finding joy in automating a bunch of the tasks I usually find tedious so there’s clearly a lot to gain there. I’m also enjoying a more cognitive role as I am constructing databases and backend systems from the ground up and I’m seeing first hand the need for many of the industry practices we put in play (mainly security).

Personal Life

My personal life has also been a ride. In May I finally moved out of my parents place and into a 4 bedroom house in Piscataway with some of my long time friends from high school/college, so that has been quite an adventure.

I’ve also financed a motorcycle (I know, worst decision of my life) and it’s been very much worth it.

I went to a bunch of new places, Montreal for a guys trip, Southern California (San Diego, Anahiem, Los Angeles) with the family. Took a 3 day trip to the Poconos with some friends and did some hiking, which is when I realized how out of shape I am.

Speaking of out of shape, I finally realized I have to start taking care of myself more. I guess that comes with the moving-out part. I’m still getting the hang of this whole eating clean thing, but I’ve been pretty good about doing for a couple months, with the occassional necessary relapse because Thanksgiving.

I’ve kind of stopped reading and started working on personal projects so here’s a list of the personal projects that I’ve been working on:

  • Udemy course for Java Spring (I’d like to get back in the OOP side of things because functional and procedural are not everything)
  • Consulting for a very early stage startup in the Veterinary Tech space
  • Creating a ticket tracking app using Java Spring and React+Redux on the front-end (probably been put on hold since I started getting serious about learning the Spring framework)

I’ve also started making a travel list of places that I could go to, mainly solo trips

  • San Diego / SoCal
  • San Francisco
  • Colorado
  • Montreal (Should probably brush up on my french this time)
  • Iceland
  • England
  • Ohio (for WGI championships, also want to try a long motorcycle trip)

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