Joe Moussa



This is awkward. It’s pretty much a given (for me) that I’m leaving my current company and I already have an offer from another. What’s awkward is coming in to work, and not doing anything or telling anyone because the deal isn’t solidified yet.

UPDATE: 5/23

The deal has been solidified. I just put in my two weeks and my new position should start mid-June. My current manager was very understanding and I’ve also agreed to help him find my replacement as well as clean up all my projects in the coming days.


I’ve been riding my motorcycle more and more, it’s great because I always learn something new or at least gain comfortability the more I ride. I just got a GoPro so I can at least look back at my rides. I still need an external mic if I want to talk (without the wind/engine getting in the way). For now, it’s good to look back and reflect on my rides and riding to see what I can improve.

I’ve also began looking into 3D Printing at the makerspace offered by Rutgers. It’s a little intimidating at first but once you get into, it’s not too difficult.

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