Joe Moussa

RaC3 c0NditIon


Commencement was just yesterday so this section will now be dedicated to my ongoing learning (or kept if I decide to go back for a Masters?) O.o


I normally don’t talk about my work because it’s completely separate from my personal life but now it’s beginning to take more of a priority with my work situation is becoming more complicated as I am no longer a student. I was supposed to be ‘promoted’ to a full time staff member but right as I am graduating the department is hit with a hiring freeze so that kind of leaves me in limbo, since I can’t really be an intern/co-op without a university affiliation. I’m currently looking into picking up a beneficial summer class that will keep me affiliated with the university so that I can at least survive this freeze. More updates coming soon…


In other news I have also begun work on my own personal website to display my portfolio as well a a little bit of my skills. It will be written in React and I’m going to try and look up some fun new libraries to use with it. This should at least keep my summer interesting.

Moving away from software development, I’ve also started riding my motorcycle more and more (as the weather gets nicer). I’ll probably start looking into the community more and ride with friends soon. I might even start motovlogging very casually on the side.

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