Joe Moussa


I’m not dead, I’m just panicking


The main reason I haven’t been keeping up with these posts mostly have to do with the inept database instructor and me having to waste time predicting her actual instructions since the one’s she gives us are often wrong or vague, as well as this 15 page research paper looming over my head and an oral presenation to match it. I have figured out how to deal with the inept instructor and completed my oral presentation layout now I just have to get on top of writing this paper. Shouldn’t be too hard as I have over a week to do it and I already have an outline. Let the finals grind begin.


I’ve decided to go more in depth with the devOps side of my personal project and actually learn webpack4 instead of using a simple create-react-app configuration. It was a real headache but I think I’m better equipped now to customize and better package my solution when it’s completed. I’ve also started learning Angular on the side (RIP React-Native for now) since I’m seeing a lot of companies that still use it and I feel it would be a valuable skill to have. It’s much more organized, and packaged nicer than React, but not as flexible as a result. Still, it’s relatively easy to pickup and I can see myself making a new (but smaller) project out of it. As far as my Expense Report React App, I have begun looking at different visualizations I can render and looking at the best way to do it in an attractive and intuitive way for the user.

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