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1s and 0s


Despite it being midterm season, I seem to be staying very calm and relatively on top of all my tasks. I’m also appearing to be doing well in all my classes so I don’t see a reason to panic, or stress about exams. Surprisingly enough I’m stressing about my personal projects which I really shouldn’t be at this current point in time.

The inept ‘professor’ hasn’t really changed much, however we’re focusing more on our final projects during class now so she doesn’t really have much to do other than check on us. Not really much you can screw up there, right? Kinda, any question we ask usually merits a series of contradictory answers that don’t end up answering our original question so we’re forced to rephrase it into a simple yes/no question instead of asking for clarification in an open ended format.


Just a little blurb about what I see in the ITI (Information Technology & Informatics) major at my school. I see some pretty motivated people overall, people that have already poured their heart and soul into technology and are devoted to either starting their own business or acquiring a job. In some other people, I see… well not that. I don’t mean to judge or talk down on them in that they are not taking a real interest in their education because everyone’s got their own life and their own path. No, what I see is people who have a misguided view that getting the job they want or making a company will be pretty simple, like, it only takes a few weeks. I ask other junior and seniors what they plan on doing, and they respond with ‘I don’t really know, probably get into software, or become an analyst, maybe get into consulting.’ From that response alone I can tell they haven’t even begun looking into what they want to do, and they only have 1 year left. Granted a whole lot can happen in one year, but I see people in other majors start getting internships in their field 2 years into college.

I’m not here to look down upon these people, moreso to bring to light that things aren’t as simple as you think they are and the IT major specifically, doesn’t guarantee you anything after college. It is a very broad major and you can get a multitude of jobs with it, but you have to be willing to study on your own and learn more about the specific field you’re in, it’s not so black and white. You won’t be able to apply to any position that has to do with tech by the time you graduate without developing your skills in a specific practice whether it be business and entrepreneurship, software, administration, analytics, consulting etc. There’s a lot this major offers, but it doesn’t guarantee anything, it’s all up to how badly you want it and how willing you are to learn.


My personal projects seem to be going well. Still brainstorming for my Alexa app, my React/Node/MySQL site has pivoted to become a part of my database class’s final project. I think it’s for the best since I was just doing a basic template with some arbitrary features and no real goal. This new path is definitely helpful for my learning ReactJS and Databases (killing two birds with one stone, if you will). I’ve started also looking at the Flux and Redux design principles and decided I’m going to look more into Redux and see if I can implement it (if not, at least I know what it is). After Redux, I plan on moving towards building a React-Native app for mobile, since I’m already halfway there with React. I looked at a small portion of a crash course in React-Native and it is almost identical to React (duh, it still is React) but with mobile tags instead of web tags in JSX. Really interesting stuff. Still

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