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Things are kicking into (kind of) high gear now. After midterms almost all my classes released the final assignment/projects that we are to spend the rest of the semester on. I’m excited about almost all of them, cough15pageresearchpapercough. Regardless I feel like I’ll actually enjoy learning about most of them, it’s just starting that paper is going to be a nightmare (note: I feel this is the root of my procrastination in this class specifically).

Ineffective Professor Rant Follow Up

Aside from getting a ton of assignments to keep me busy for the rest of the semester, I have also decided to take some action against my ineffective Database Tech instructor (see WTF_RANT.c post for details). I sent an email earlier last week and got a reply from the head of the IT department and I got an appointment to come in and talk about it. I really had no gameplan in terms of what I wanted to happen, I just wanted to raise awareness that it was happing. I don’t really find it feasable for them to remove the instructor since finding a new one mid-semester would be even harder. I just felt they deserved to know about what’s going on in their department and that the students shouldn’t have to deal with stuff like this.


I’ve started to slow down with my personal project since my schoolwork seems to have been picking up more than usual. I’m still tweaking things here and there, but I haven’t been on a 4 hour coding binge for over 2 weeks now. I kind of miss it, but then remember I got nothing done (school work wise) the last time I did that, so a little moderation is definitely welcome. I’m hoping to work more on it and get some actual page layouts finished this weekend though. Ona histerically related note, I’ve decided to start another project utilizing Amazon’s Alexa. I’ve decided to actually put some thought into this so I spent the better part of my weekend brainstorming. Right now I’m looking into using Google Maps API along with the Echo’s location to trigger certain events.


I have already looked through the tutorials and it’s surprisingly simple thanks to Amazon’s utilities. They have an Amazon Alexa console for the “front-end/UI” which is just voice interaction and uses a simple JSON format. For the backend Amazon recommends AWS Lambda which allows you to run simple functions on a remote server without configuring which is pretty cool in my opinion. They let you use your choice of language and I’ve narrowed it down to Python or Node.js since I want to get better at both.

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