Joe Moussa


Settling In

Trying to maintain stability in my daily life now. I can feel myself slowly settling into the routine of my classes, work and personal projects. I recently started whiteboarding my agenda an I feel that’s a great contibutor to this. I have a chart for my classes, their assignments and the due date. Below the chart I have a list of personal projects which I’m saving for the weekends and my objectives for the next day. This started as an afterthought but I’m seeing myself always going back to it so I might keep up with it and throw it into the routine.

Personal Projects

Sadly I’m still in the embryonic stage of my next round of projects. I have an idea for a command line app in python that I’m slowly starting to research and collect information to do but it’s still very young. I’m also itching to use React in a web app but I’m having trouble thinking of ideas. Specific ideas were never my strong suit and I’m paying for it now in a way. I’m also reading the book on Node and Express just to finish out the stack and keep everything in the JavaScript family but again I need a project to solidify those skills. For now I’ll stick with my python project and see that through before starting anything with React (and maybe Express if I need a backend). Just gonna try and approach this one day at a time.

Weekends are a mess!

So I read from another software dev’s blog (@thecodeness on Instagram) that she set up a system in place for the types of work she does during the week. During the weekdays she focuses on her primary work, emails and any self-improvement books, courses, gym, etc. Her weekends in turn are devoted to personal projects and rest. I kinda liked the idea so I thought I’d give it a try for next week and follow up on that, because my weekends are currently a mess with no routine and me being extremely unproductive (in regards to my personal projects). Plus I usually do all my assignents on the weekends but I’m apparently ahead this semester so my weekends are dangerously free.

My goal for this week is to develop a routine that’s simple, easy to follow and promotes productivity.
Also to start my damn personal projects!

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