Joe Moussa


New Semester!!!

Just got through my first week of classes and I’m psyched.

As of now I’ve only been to my IT classes which appear to be fairly simple except the certification course, and my writing class. The writing class seems fairly easy but time consuming, however if I choose a topic I am passionate about, I’m confident I won’t hate myself halfway through when I get writer’s block. For my CS class (Computer Security), I haven’t been to the first meeting yet, since it meets Monday nights and we had Monday off. I’m pretty excited about it and the professor teaching it. From what I hear, he is very informational and has a great understanding on how to teach the course. I have already began looking over his lecture slides from the previous semester and studying. I legitimately think I have a chance of doing well in this class instead of just passing and I’m doing my best to not screw it up haha.

Work is picking up!

I finally have something to do at work! For those of you that don’t know, my boss doesn’t like to assign me projects while I’m working part time and going to school. Personally I believe that he thinks there’s no benefit since I’m only in for 12/40 hours in the week and I would probably be overstressed and not do as good of a job. But now it seems I found a way to wedge myself into a support role for my team (not customer support, BLEH!). Our boss want’s to optimize our project from running on web to run on mobile. So we are trying to find a quick and easy way to convert our web app to mobile, a co-worker of mine has suggested Apache Cordova. The problem is that our front-end is framework-less (I think that’s a word?). Our boss has now instructed us to figure out how to integrate React and either Flux or Redux into the web app which is currently bare bones HTML/CSS and integrate that with our Python (Django) backend. I saw this as an opportune time to start learning React (as I’m also learning Node.js/Express for the backend) and React would pair nicely. I’m currently finishing up my initial passthrough of the React framework and ideology (and by that I mean the 3rd time I’ve watched the same tutorial and reread the documentation). It seems pretty cool and modular, I can see why it’s appealing and hot right now. Ironically my team looked over Flux and Redux before looking into React just to understand the methods so I have an understanding of both of those design processes already, I just need to learn how they tie in with React and then how to write it efficiently.

Freelance Opportunities

I’m getting more and more friends and family coming up to me with offers to revamp or even create their website. Most of the time I would shrug them off since I wasn’t interested and I wasn’t too confident in my abilities to deliver a product but now I feel like I have enough experience and knowledge to deliver a good product. I’m always tempted to get right in though and what I’m practicing this time around is to spend a significant amount of time talking with the client about their expectations for the site and compenstation to see if we’re on the same page. That’s also another thing that always goes wrong with the not-so-tech-savvy or ill-informed clients, they have completely unrealistic expectations about time and price. You want me to build you a fully functional site with pretty animations and embedded maps and professional layout over the weekend for little ($150 and below) to no pay? I want what you’re smoking buddy. —END RANT—

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