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Boss is in China… fun.

Week 2 of my boss not being around. I’ve gotten as far as I can on this video CMS autostartup and failsafe kiosk application. As an added bonus the engineer who has been managing me has been out for the past two days as well, so as you can imagine I am incredibly busy -____-


If you haven’t discovered it yet, I am not busy. I am in fact bored out of my mind that I am venturing out into HackerRank. Aside from giving me something to do I suppose it helps keep my programming “fresh” and keeps challenging me so I don’t lose any abilities I previously gained. I remember creating one a while back after I took my data structures class, but I never really found a time to start committing to it. I guess now’s as good a time as any. I’m really intrigued by the “30 days of code” and the “Cracking the Coding Interview” challenges. I’ve been trying to get consistent with my daily routines, or build a daily routine for that matter, considering what I’m doing now is anything but.

Daily Routine?

So I’ve been trying to dial in all my habits. Lately I’ve been doing almost everything irregularly which correlates to my insanely irregular lifestyle. I don’t have a sleep schedule at all, I eat whenever I feel like (sometimes when I’m not even hungry at all), I don’t designate a time to work on any personal stuff or relax. Everthing just sort of happens (or doesn’t happen). My final semester begins next week so I am going to spend the rest of this week developing a schedule for when I study, work on personal projects, eat (and what exactly I eat) and commit to a rigid sleep schedule. I’ll probably write it down at one point and make some sort of chart so I can visualize it all but for now I’m planning all of my personal work and trying to get my course syllabi ASAP and see when I will have time to study and how I will go about it.

Final Semester

My final semester starts next week and I’m beyond excited and only slightly nervous for some classes. I’m only taking one computer science class so it’s not too difficult, what I’m worried about are the ratings for a certain professor that I’m taking it with. I normally don’t look to Rate My Professors but after an alarming amount of them turned out to be true to their reviews (both dismal and amazing) in the past few years I don’t like to entirely dismiss them. I’m doing my best to approach the professor with an open mind however I am also fully prepared to learn the entire curriculum on my own haha.

I’m taking another course, Writing for the Business and Professions which I am not entirely all to thrilled about, but it’s a graduation requirement. Plus at this point, bull**ing out 10 page papers is no problem. I’m really excited for the ITI (Informtion Technology & Informatics) electives I am taking. At this point in time I already satisfied all my courses for the ITI major I’m just taking these for fun, because I need to get to 120 credits to graduate, and because I have a genuine interest and will likely use some of the material later on in my career. Digital Hardware Basics I am excited about simply because it appears way to basic and I could have some fun with it. The course itself has “Basics” in it and at this point I am confident I know “a little more” that the basics of computers and other technological equipment, so that class will be a chuckle and a half. Database Technology I’m taking just to simply have the skill of being able to read, write and query databases and schema. Certification Practicum is interesting in that it is an online course essentially where you walk out with a certification in your choice of disciplines. There’s A+ Security+ from CompTIA, as well as the CCNA Networking and Routing certifications from Cisco and many more to choose from. I think this course will be valuable in landing a job and simply being able to put a recognizable and respected certification on my resume. All in all it should be an eventful semester!

Final Semester Coursload
  • Principles of Programming Languages (CS)
  • Writing for the Business & Professions (GenEd)
  • Digital Hardware Basics (IT)
  • Database Technology (IT)
  • Certification Practicum (ITI)

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