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About Me

HELLO THERE! I'm Joe, I am currently a software developer (freelance and at AT&T Labs) and graduate of Rutgers University class of 2018 with a degree in Information Technology and a minor in Computer Science.

Since many ask what’s the difference between IT and Computer Science, I thought I’d take some time to differentiate my curriculum for you. My Computer Science curriculum is comprised of numerous technical/theoretical courses such as Systems Programming, Data Structures, Computer Architecture, as well as Operating Systems Design. On the Information Technology side, I have taken mainly technical courses in Web Design as well as networking, internet technologies, database administration and eCommerce. These courses have built up my knowledge and understanding of the various disciplines in the industry as a whole and offered me a chance to work in a variety of languages, methodologies, tools and frameworks (see resume).

I'm interested and intrigued by a several of the unique fields in the tech field and I don't feel like restricting myself to a single field within the industry. I don't really have too much preference on which specific discipline I go into at the moment so I'm doing my best to get a working and occasionally an in depth knowledge of the following fields (PS the years notated are years of professional use, not academic)

  • Front-end Development (2+ years)
  • Back-end Development (2+ years)
  • Application Development/System Architecture (2+ years)
  • Data Science
  • Embedded Systems Development

The purpose of this blog is to post updates on any projects, books and developments in the industry. I see this as a good way for me to commit to tasks I start, since I have a habit of abandoning projects prematurely. To anyone interested my resume (pdf) is linked below and my github holds most of my projects

Resume | GitHub

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